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Customers can track flight ticket prices using Google Now

Google Now

Google Now lets users keep a check on a multitude of things ranging from sports scores to daily driving directions. The nifty service has now added one more feature to its repertoire – the ability to check flight ticket prices. Starting soon, users of the service will be able to track the change in flight ticket prices right from their Google Now page, with details appearing in the form of cards.

This will be synchronized with flights listed on Google Flights, but there could be more providers added subsequently. This feature will basically notify you of increase or drop in prices if you fly frequently to a particular destination. Google Now already lets you keep an eye on your flight timings and bookings, but this feature is just as useful for frequent commuters.

There shouldn’t be a separate update to Google Search for this feature to be visible on your devices as Google will probably roll this out through a server level update. Make sure you let us know if you’re already seeing the update on your smartphone or tablet.

Via: Android Central

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