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Buyers of the LG G3 in the U.S. will receive a spare battery and charging cradle


Looking to buy an LG G3 in the U.S.? Well, this new promotion will certainly provide more motivation to get the device. Starting today (Sep. 8), LG will be offering a free charging cradle and a spare charger for free with every purchase of the LG G3. This offer is valid for all purchases made until the 22nd of September. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will have to send LG your IMEI number and provide a proof of receipt as well. Beyond this, it’s as simple as filling out a form on LG’s online page and waiting for your freebies to arrive.

LG G3 Batter

It is said that it could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get your battery and the charging cradle, so you have to be patient. As long as you fill out the online form before the 6th of October, you will be eligible to receive the accessories. It’s a good promotion from the Korean manufacturer which could help move more units of the smartphone in the U.S. Given the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, sales of the LG G3 were always expected to take a slight hit.

What do you make of this promotion?

Source: LG

Via: Android Police

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