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Best Buy offering 2 Chromecasts for $55, again


If you’re looking to get a Chromecast but have been skeptical to make the jump yet, this new promo from Best Buy should convince you to some extent. As per this deal, the retailer will offer two units of the Google Chromecast for just $55, bringing the price to $27.50 a pop, down from $35. The Chromecast has seen multiple price reductions in the past, but this one from Best Buy is easily the most attractive.

The retailer offered the same deal in August, so it’s not a first for Best Buy. Now for those thinking about the utility of having two Chromecasts in your home, we must say that it can be added to practically any HDMI capable television or monitor. So if you’ve got one for the living room, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one for another room in the house. With the help of dedicated mobile and web apps, customers can stream a large variety of content onto the large screen using this tiny accessory.

Bear in mind that the discounted price will only be visible after you add two units of the Chromecast to your cart. So don’t panic if you see $35 mentioned in the listing.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Android Authority

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