AT&T to begin rollout of WiFi calling in 2015


While T-Mobile is expected to rollout the WiFi calling feature for its devices in the coming days, AT&T is yet to jump on the bandwagon officially. But the carrier has now specified that it intends to launch WiFi calling on its devices starting in 2015. The reason why the carrier waited this long is to make sure that the transition between WiFi and cellular networks are seamless, which is reportedly a problem at this point.

With WiFi calling, customers can place voice calls using their WiFi home network without relying on the cellular radios. This is particularly useful when not in a coverage area. Several prepaid providers in the U.S. offer WiFi calling services, so it’s not new by any means. Most Android devices support this feature by default, but it’s useless without the carrier enabling support. AT&T clarifies that its WiFi calling service will complement the VoLTE and 3G voice services, so it probably won’t be a standalone service.

Source: LightReading

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