Amazon to drop the Kindle name from its Android tablets

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon’s range of Kindle Fire tablets will now be known as just Fire tablets in a bid to unify the device with the Fire TV and the Fire Phone. Since the first Kindle Fire tablet was launched, there has been some confusion among the customers over the company’s standalone eBook readers and Android tablets. This move will ensure that the Kindle moniker will be reserved for the company’s eBook readers and not every handheld device that it launches.

The company only recently launched a new range of Fire tablets including a special Kids Edition variant. The rebranding has come at a time when the company is struggling to make an impact on the market with its tablets. And with the Fire Phone not doing significant damage in the market either, this has certainly come as a surprise to us all. Some are already calling this bad timing considering that the market is already synonymous with the Kindle name for Amazon’s tablets ever since the first gen tablet was launched back in 2011.

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