Amazon Instant Video now open to all Android devices

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon’s Instant Video service was shown off with the Fire Phone when it was launched a few months ago. The service was exclusive to Amazon and its range of Kindle devices, which meant that other Android users weren’t able to access it. However, that has changed today with the online retailer making the service available with an updated version of the Amazon app for Android, thus ending the exclusivity it has enjoyed over the past few months.

The service was already available on the web as well as the iOS devices, but customers of non-Amazon Android devices were unable to access it. Using Instant Video, customers can watch from a large collection of movies and TV Shows at any given time. As a prerequisite, customers will need a subscription to Amazon’s Prime service, which also gives access to their unlimited music streaming service. Make sure you download the Amazon app from the Google Play Store to access Instant Video and a range of other services from the online retailer.

Source: Play Store

Via: 9to5Google

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