Verizon flipping the VoLTE switch in the “coming weeks”

Verizon VoLTE

All the major carriers of the U.S. have been rushing to get their VoLTE networks up and running. T-Mobile has already begun the rollout in some regions and Verizon too has now announced that it will switch on the VoLTE networks for its customers in the coming weeks, while no specific date was provided.

“Coming weeks” is a very vague timeline and could mean anytime between September to late October, so don’t hold your breath. But it’s going to be well worth the wait for the customers as it will finally allow them to make phone calls using these networks, thus saving on voice minutes. The carrier also announced that customers will be able to make calls using VoLTE to smartphones on other carriers as well.

Considering that Verizon is one of the largest networks available in the U.S., it has to ensure that a large number of customers are covered when the first VoLTE signals go live. So necessary precautions are being taken to make sure nothing goes awry at the last minute. There’s also the question of smartphones which need support for VoLTE. Expect the carrier to send out an update carrying support for VoLTE subsequently. You can find more details from the carrier’s official article below.

Source: Verizon Wireless

Via: Android Central

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