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T-Mobile’s Device Unlock App Is Now Officially Available


As was seen yesterday in leaked screenshots, T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app is now live in Google Play. If you haven’t seen the previous leaks of the app, it allows you to either permanently unlock your device or unlock it for 30 days if you intend to travel outside of the United States. For now though, the app only works on the Samsung Galaxy Avant, but that will probably be fixed in a future update.

In order to be eligible for the permanent unlock, you will presumably have to have paid off the entire price of your smartphone over the two years of having it. So if you’re, say, unhappy with T-Mobile and want to switch to AT&T but want to keep your device, you could most likely pay it all off, request an unlock, and take it with you.

This is by far the easiest way to request an official unlock from your carrier, as it usually involves filling out a form on a carrier’s website or contacting their support line. If other carriers follow suit, that would make unlocking a much better process for the consumer.

Source: Google Play via Cult Of Android

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