T-Mobile’s dedicated device unlocking app leaked out in screenshots

T-Mobile Unlock

With unlocking finally becoming legal in the U.S., customers have been wondering how the carriers will support this feature by default. And now, T-Mobile’s dedicated unlocking app for Android has leaked out in screenshots, revealing everything we need to know about the tool.

It allows users to lock the devices temporarily or perform a permanent unlock which will allow customers to switch to other compatible GSM networks. This app was reportedly found on a test unit of the Samsung Galaxy Avant, but it goes without saying that the carrier will bring it to older devices subsequently through an update.

We can expect other carriers to follow suit with an app of their own, allowing customers to easily switch networks. Not only will this give customers liberty to do what they want with the smartphone, but also increase competition among carriers to keep users from switching to a rival carrier. So if you’re a customer of T-Mobile, this should come as very good news. However, there’s no official release time frame for the app at the moment.

Via: Tmo News

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