Samsung Gear smartwatches now have over 1,000 apps

Samsung Gear 2

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear about an year ago, many dismissed it as a device with no legs to succeed. This was an appropriate prediction to make given the many flaws of the device which was immediately apparent to the consumers and experts alike. However, Samsung was quick to learn from its mistakes as it announced a slightly reformed successor in the form of the Gear 2, based completely on Tizen and not Android like the predecessor.

A new report is now claiming that the entirety of the Gear smartwatches now have upwards of 1,000 supported apps. Needless to say, this figure takes the Android Wear based Gear Live into account as well, so not all of them are Tizen apps.

Pebble is the only other smartwatch in the market to boast of 1,000+ apps, achieving the feat earlier this year. And we expect this number to increase in frequency as Android Wear grows further in the coming months. The Korean manufacturer is expected to be launching a myriad of wearables including a circular display smartwatch, so we might be in for a bit of a treat in the coming months.

Check out the company’s detailed infographic on reaching the 1,000 apps milestone from the link below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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