Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Errors and their Solutions [Part 20]

Welcome to the 20th part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It has been a week since we last featured this particular model and ever since then we have received a lot of emails from our readers which we will be featuring now. Most of the problems sent by our readers are minor in nature while others while others require extensive troubleshooting steps.

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Note 2 Automatic Vibration During Calls

Problem: Hi Droid Guy, I own a Galaxy note 2, bought 17 months ago. .. I regularly update my phone and currently its running on kitkat 4.4.2. Since last 6-7 months I am facing problem with my note 2…. it automatically goes into vibration mode.  When I receive any call. .. sometimes it rings and sometimes not.  When I check my phone I see missed calls and then I check that the phone is on vibration mode. Please help me how can I get rid off this situations.  Sometimes I miss important calls due to this problem. Thanks and Regards.

Solution: Check first if your device goes into vibration mode on its own or if the ring volume is accidentally pressed which may activate the vibration mode. Doing this takes time and requires the device to be placed on the table (make sure it isn’t set to vibrate). When you receive a call or a message take note if it vibrates or if it emits a sound. You may want to repeat this experiment for a couple of days.

If your device does not vibrate when placed on the table then there is a big possibility that you may have just accidentally pressed the ring volume. This usually occurs if you have set the volume just one bar above the silent mode.

If your device still vibrates on its own if placed on the table then follow the troubleshooting steps below.

To check if an app is causing this boot device in Safe Mode

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 2 by pressing the Power button (positioned in the right edge of the device). Tap Power Off from the choices that will appear followed by OK.
  • Press the Power button again, but this time, keep your finger pressed on it together with the Volume Down button.
  • Let go of the Power button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Note II logo but do not let go of the Volume Down key yet.
  • After that, you will see a status message telling you that your Galaxy Note 2 is now in Safe Mode. Let go of the Volume Down key and tap the OK button.

Once Safe Mode has been activated repeat the same process where you need to place the device on the table and observe if it goes on vibrate mode on its own. If not then an app may be causing this in which case you have to find out what it is and uninstall it.

Note 2 Problems After Update To Version 4.4.2

Problem: Hi, I had updated to 4.4.2 version and have found cell phone in trouble. 1st update was of 700 MB then the update was of 416 MB odd and thereafter 3-4 small updates of around 120/40/34 MB. 1) Contact list not getting updated, unable to find contacts and make calls. Also if i have missed calls, unable to trace them as contact list is being updated. 2) videos not working 3) many apps get crashed which were working in good condition earlier. Battery draining at super speed. I have used your below solution and is yet to check impact on battery life. Pl help for point 1 and 2 & 3.

  • Turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 OFF.
  • Press and hold the VOLUME UP and HOME buttons while pressing the POWER button. This will put your device into
  • factory reboot menu but don’t worry, you will be lose any of your data.
  • Navigate through the options using Volume buttons and choose “wipe cache partition” and press Menu button to confirm.
  • Once the cache partition is emptied, you need to choose “Reboot System Now.”
  • If wiping of cache partition won’t fix the problems, backup your data and perform factory reset.


Solution: Basically the procedure for steps 1, 2, and 3 clears the cache of your device. The reason for doing this is that once you update to a newer software version there may be data form the previous version that’s not needed anymore residing in your device. This old data may cause several issues which is why it needs to be cleared out.

Now, if wiping the cache partition does not solve the problem then you may need to do a factory reset on your device. Make sure to make a backup of your data first as they will be deleted in the process.

  • Turn off device
  • With the handset turned off, press and hold the Volume Up key.
  • While holding down the Volume Up key, press and hold the Home key.
  • With both the Volume Up key and the Home key held down, press and hold the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.
  • With wipe data/factory reset highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to Yes –delete all user data.
  • With Yes –delete all user data highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Once the wipe is complete, press the Power key to select reboot system now.
  • The factory reset is now complete. The handset will restart.

Check your device and see if you are still experiencing the issues you faced before. There’s a big possibility that they will be gone by now.

Note 2 Randomly Turns Off, Stuck In Boot Loop

Problem: Hi there, I’ve recently come across your website and I’m taking up the offer of asking you for some advice on some odd behaviour my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (non-rooted) phone has recently been up to. I’ve had it for 18 months, it’s on Android 4.3 (when will the OTA 4.4 be released?!), has no apps as device administrator, has no encryption, has plenty of memory and I’ve never had any trouble with it until now. My Note 2 has recently been randomly turning itself off and after automatically turning itself back on again (restarting), goes into a loop of getting to the sim lock screen and turning itself off and on again until the battery runs out or I take the battery out. I’ve been using Kies and various other backup sources to restore my Note 2 after doing a hard reset but the looping soon started again. Sometimes the device feels hot so I assume it’s the battery but this is not always the case. The battery has even had 75% remaining before starting a loop. What is strange is as soon as I plug the phone in to charge the looping stops. Before this, the task manager (holding down the home key) stopped working but I suspect this is not related. I haven’t downloaded any apps from unknown sources or clicked on any hyperlinks in emails and I’ve been running TrustGo and CM Security apps so I’m at a loss as to why this is happening. Could you offer any help? With thanks.

Solution: You mentioned that you already did a hard reset and Kies to restore your device which pretty much rules out an app or the phone software causing this problem. Try manually checking if there are new software updates for your device and install them if they are available.

On the hardware side what you can do is to remove the SD card and check if the problem still exists. There are instances where a faulty SD card may be the cause of this. Try also to use another battery.

If the above troubleshooting steps fail then this may be a hardware issue in which case you have to bring your device to an authorized service center for checking.

Note 2 GPS Does Not Work

Problem: DROID guy, Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my email. I have a Note 2 on the Verizon network, it’s stock, not rooted. Recently I have noticed my GPS hasn’t been as accurate as other Note 2’s.  One day very recently, it was not tracking me at all.  I opened GPS Test and left it running for 10 minutes and it never picked up a single satellite. Any guidance on what I can do?

Solution: A GPS signal depends on the location you are in. If you are indoors inside a building then it may be harder to get a signal lock compared to being outdoors. Try checking your device outdoors and see if you could get a GPS signal lock. Make sure to turn on your GPS and that Location Services are turned on. If you are still not getting a signal then do the troubleshooting steps below.

Do soft reset

  • Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device still ON.
  • Wait for about a minute or two then replace the battery.
  • Power on the device.
  • Check GPS signal

Check for any available software updates for your device. These updates contain several fixes and improvements for your device that may address this GPS issue you are facing.

As a final resort perform a factory reset on your device but make sure to back up your data first.

  • Turn off device
  • With the handset turned off, press and hold the Volume Up key.
  • While holding down the Volume Up key, press and hold the Home key.
  • With both the Volume Up key and the Home key held down, press and hold the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.
  • With wipe data/factory reset highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to Yes –delete all user data.
  • With Yes –delete all user data highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Once the wipe is complete, press the Power key to select reboot system now.
  • The factory reset is now complete. The handset will restart.

Note 2 Book Library Issue

Problem: The library on my phone has always worked properly meaning it downloaded books the same as my Kindle and I could start reading right away.  Now they download and they will not open.   It says to delete and reload.  No matter how many times  I delete and reload, I still can’t open the book.  The funny thing is that I can open some but not others.   I have tried to figure out how this happened but have not been able to.   Please help me. Love my phone.  I am 71 and when I bought several years ago the salesman tried to talk me out of it because it was an android phone and thought it would be to much for me.  I spent a solid week watching every video, practice and read.  Oh and my 14th year old grand daughter helped me.Love my phone.

Solution: I’m impressed that you chose a Note 2 over a simple device. Anyway, there are instances when an app does not perform as it normally should in the Android environment. One way to resolve this is to clean out the cache of the app. I don’t know what app you are using to read downloaded books but this is the particular app that you need to find and clear out.

The procedure to clear out the cache of the app you are using is as follows.

  • From the home screen, tap the Apps icon
  • Tap Settings.
  • On the More tab, tap Application manager.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Scroll to and tap the desired application.
  • Tap Clear cache
  • The application cache is now cleared.

After performing this procedure check and see if you can now open your books.

Note 2 External SD Card Becomes Read Only After Update

Problem: Ever since the kitkat update my card is “read only” & seperated into 4 or 5 different usb storage files >>all of which I can’t access to even see what’s on them on and won’t allow me to delete, add ,ect…Help me plz before my note 2 becomes nothing. More than a experiences paper weight.

Solution: Android KitKat comes with several new features and one of this is to not allow any writing to be done on the external SD card. During the update process there may have been a glitch that occurred that change the status of your SD card to read only. Below are the steps you can perform to fix this issue.

  • Connect your Note 2 to a PC using a USB cord. Make sure to set it to copy files to and from your PC and that the SD card is inserted in your device.
  • Make sure the SD card is recognized
  • Right click on the SD card and select Properties
  • Select Tools
  • Select Check now to automatically fix file system errors
  • When completed disconnect your device from PC and check if it is now mounted as read-write.

If that does not work then you may try to reformat the SD card or replace it with a new one.

Note 2 Takes Long Time To Charge

Problem: Hey there, I’m using a galaxy note 2. Its the international version. The battery on my phone takes forever to charge. I use an original charger and I have never used anything other than the original.  Sometimes if I use the phone while I’m charging, the battery still gets depleted. . (While it’s On charge.. Damn).. please tell me you can help me out with this. It happened again while typing this mail. . Fone went off while its on charge n I had 2% left. . (Frustrating) thank goodness the mail got saved in drafts. Please help me out guys.

Solution: When the battery performance is this bad it may mean that the battery is already faulty. Try replacing it with a new one.

Aside from replacing the battery you may try to do a soft reset on your device.

  • Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device still ON.
  • Wait for about a minute or two then replace the battery.
  • Power on the device.

Note 2 Lags When Using It

Problem: I have deleted all of my photos and videos and most of my music. I have also uninstalled most of my apps to see if that helped, it didn’t. The problem just started a month ago. If i try to take a picture, it takes over 5 seconds for it to respond, and then another 5 or more to view it in the gallery. Not to mention other apps that take ages to open. I am using the 4.2 version of software. From what i have read i don’t want to upgrade to KK. Any ideas would be great.

Solution: A device that is running slow or lags is an indication that a lot of information is stored in its cache or a lot of processes are running simultaneously. Try to perform the steps below to resolve the issue.

Do a soft reset

  • Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device still ON.
  • Wait for about a minute or two then replace the battery.
  • Power on the device.

Clear the cache of your device

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Remove the battery and Reinsert it.
  • Hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  • Press and hold the the Power key while continuing to hold both volume keys.
  • Release the keys when the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to delete all cache data.
  • Press the Power key to select it.
  • Wait for a few seconds while the phone clears information.
  • Press the Power key to select reboot system now.

Note 2 Disabled Gallery Before Update Now Doesn’t Turn On

Problem: I’ve used Quickpic exclusively for years on my Android devices, to view and edit or delete photos. I’ve always disabled the Gallery app since I saw no need to have it taking up resources. Fast forward to yesterday when I finally decided to install KitKat on ny Note 2 after declining it for about a  month. Normally, when I do major updates to my devices, I turn back on all my disabled apps prior to the update to prevent any conflicts or issues. Unfortunately, I forgot to do this yesterday when I installed the update. Now I want to turn Gallery back on to make editing photo names and/or deleting photos easier. When I go to my “Turned Off” apps, it is all greyed out with no way of turning it back on. Since it shows version 4.4.2 I’m guessing it updated, but didn’t turn itself back on in the process. Any ideas how to get it back?

Solution: You may want to reset all app preferences of your device to resolve this. Try going into settings, application manager and hit the menu button then hit reset application preferences.

Note 2 S Note App Disappeared After 4.4.2 Update

Problem: Hi, Since I upgraded my phone to Kitkat 4.4.2 .I rooted my note 2 but 2 or 3 days after it .my S note app and functions totally dissapeared .I tried to reinstalled it with Kies but no results .Help please.

Solution: Several Note 2 owners who upgraded to KitKat have reported missing several apps after the update. To resolve this a simple reboot usually does the trick. Just completely turn off your device then turn it back on. If that does not work then just go to menu > settings > more > app manager – all then find “TouchWiz home” and press “clear cache” and “clear data”.

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