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QBracelet is a portable power bank that wraps around your wrist


External battery packs have become a necessity of late given the tedious hours of usage our devices go through. Although modern smartphones come with enormous batteries, it’s never enough. And carrying an external battery is not always convenient given the size and the space it takes in our pockets or purses. However, a new product called QBracelet looks to curb that particular consumer pain point.

This device wraps around the user’s wrist as you can see above, with a microUSB (or Apple Lightning) plug on one end slotting into the bracelet, thus holding it together. To charge the device, all you have to do is unplug it from center and plug into the smartphone.

If there’s one area where the QBracelet falls behind, it is with regards to its capacity. It has a 1,160 mAh battery inside, which might be better suited for something like an iPhone while modern Android devices have batteries reaching and even exceeding the 3,000 mAh barrier. So going by that, you’re only supplied about 35% of the charge, which might be sufficient when your phone is almost on the brink of dying, but not good enough if you’re looking for a complete recharge.

The QBracelet costs $99.99, but the makers are offering a limited period discount of $20 for those who pre-order the device. What do you think about this accessory? Will it suit your needs or are you more comfortable with an external battery or a power bank?

Source: QDesigns

Via: Android Central

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