Play Store’s refund window for paid apps stretched to two hours

Google Play Store

If you bought a paid app through the Play Store and decided if it wasn’t something you like, you could return it within 15 minutes from the time of purchase/download. However, Google appears to have realized that this isn’t long enough for customers to make up their mind as the refund window has now been secretly extended to two hours. This means that users can download a game or app and then decide before two hours if they’d really like to keep it or claim a refund.

This is a nice touch to the policies as it’s impossible to get a feel for certain apps and games within fifteen minutes. However, Google is yet to make these changes official as the support page still claims that the refund window is only 15 minutes. As Android Police rightly suggests, this could well be an undergoing test from Google to test the waters or perhaps it’s a bug on the Play Store. Either way, customers will now have longer to make up their minds to return a paid app. This should lessen the likelihood of customers going through buyer’s remorse, at least to some extent.

Via: Android Police

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