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Some owners of the LG G Watch start a petition after the announcement of the G Watch R

LG G Watch R

The LG G Watch was originally launched in early July through the Google Play Store across the world. And with LG announcing a vastly improved version of the smartwatch today, some users of the G Watch aren’t quite too amused. A user has decided to raise a petition on asking LG to allow G Watch owners to trade in their smartwatches in return for the newly launched G Watch R.

This is what the petition reads:

LG Electronics, CEO
Please Give LG G watch Buyers an optional upgrade to the LG G watch round for free
it doesnt seem fair to people who paid 229 for a watch and a round version comes out a month later a way to do this would be to require the Square watch be sent in its original packaging through RMA and exchanged for the round watch
[Your name]

While we’re not sure if LG will even respond to a petition such as this, the users clearly feel that they have been betrayed by the company. However, considering how quickly devices are refreshed these days, the launch of the G Watch R should have hardly come as a surprise.

What do you think about this petition? Are these claims justified? Drop off your thoughts below.


Via: Talk Android

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