OnePlus One spontaneously explodes in a user’s pocket, raises safety concerns

OnePlus One - Explode -1

OnePlus is sailing through tough seas from the past few months with one problem following the other. While mostly these cases are related to the invites or the manner in which they are given out, today’s case is pertaining to a faulty unit of the OnePlus One which has exploded in a user’s pocket. Surprisingly, the phone was safely tucked inside the user’s jeans when this happened, so there was no external force applied.

However, OnePlus assures its customers that smartphones coming out of its factories undergo proper safety testing, so this is most likely an isolated incident. The company has promised to reimburse any medical expenses incurred by the user and will provide a replacement unit as well. The OnePlus team will collect the smartphone from the user and analyze what went wrong.

As is usually the case with matters like these, it’s the battery which is at fault. We’ll wait for more word from the OnePlus team to get a better idea of what exactly happened. In the meanwhile, OnePlus said the following to the folks over at Android Police – “We are very sorry to see one of our users had to experience this with their device as the safety of our customers is our first and foremost concern.”

OnePlus One - Explode

Source: OnePlus

Via: Android Police