All new Foursquare now available from the Google Play Store

Foursquare Update

Not too long ago, Foursquare introduced a breakaway app called Swarm which would deal with the user check-ins and the social aspect of the app. Foursquare itself was said to be going through a makeover, both in terms of functionality and visuals. Well, that has finally materialized today with the all new Foursquare hitting major app hubs including the Google Play Store.

With this new version of the app, you won’t be dealing in check-ins but rather finding recommendations on where to go next. Users are asked to give as many keywords as possible (ex: fried chicken, sushi, beer) and based on those keywords, the app will search for the best places within your proximity.

It’s quite a change from the makers of Foursquare to remove check-ins from the app and bring something entirely new, which might take some getting used to for existing users. If you would like to know where your friends are hanging out, Swarm is probably your best bet right now. Despite the changes, Foursquare will still let you follow other users of matching tastes, so the social aspect of the app is not completely gone.

The update should be live now in most regions, but if it’s not, make sure you hit the Play Store link below and check if it’s available. The update will be immediately noticeable as it brings an all new icon and new UI elements as well.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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