Motorola Shamu smartphone caught in a benchmark listing

Motorola Shamu

A new device called the Motorola Shamu has popped up on GFX Bench, fueling rumors about the Motorola Nexus smartphone we’ve heard so much about. The device is revealed to have the same benchmark score as Snapdragon 801 devices like the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, so it’s safe to assume that it is packing the same chipset. This might be a bit of a letdown for people expecting the Snapdragon 805 on board.

This also means that the smartphone might not feature a 2K resolution display, as the LG G3 which packs the said display has much lower benchmark scores due to all the pixel crunching it has to do for the powerful display. So it seems like Motorola and/or Google will settle with a standard 1080p display instead.

If you recall, Shamu is believed to be the internal codename for the upcoming Nexus smartphone. So the Motorola Shamu moniker makes complete sense. However, it’s still too early to comment on any scenarios, but this one seems very likely given that Google has worked very closely with Motorola over the past couple of years. And although the two companies have split now, they’ll surely make a good team for the next Nexus smartphone. What do you think?

Source: GFX Bench

Via: Phone Arena