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Moto 360 accidentally listed on Best Buy for $250

Moto 360 Best Buy

With the Moto 360 smartwatch all geared up for an official launch in September, Best Buy appears to have jumped the gun and put the device up in a listing already. Although it was an accident from the retailer, we have managed to ascertain the official pricing of the smartwatch thanks to the listing. And much to our surprise and relief, the device won’t be priced as extravagantly as initially believed.

The listing reveals a price tag of $249.99, which is only a bit more than the LG G Watch and $50 more than the Samsung Gear Live, which is an acceptable premium considering the premium design and the specs underneath. Most smartwatch fans have held off on the purchase of the G Watch or the Gear Live in anticipation of the Moto 360, so this should certainly come as good news for them.

Since this is merely a leak, we’re yet to get official confirmation on when the smartwatch will be available for purchase. But since Motorola is holding an event on the 4th of September, we think it will be available at about the same time.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Cult of Android

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