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Latest images of the Moto 360 confirm wireless charging and heart rate sensor

Moto 360 Front - Charging

The Moto 360 has made an appearance in a new leak, revealing the existence of a dedicated heart rate sensor as well as the much rumored Qi standard wireless charging feature. Although Motorola has partially confirmed this before, it’s the first time we’re getting an actual look of the mechanism and the arrangement on the back.

The charging will be done by a cradle which will require the device to be placed at a particular angle. At this point, we’re not sure if the Qi wireless charging feature will be accessible by third party charging mats, but it’s good to know that the Moto 360 supports it by default.

Moto 360 Side

The smartwatch is also confirmed to be water resistant (IP67), which is something we already knew. The mention of the optical heart rate sensor however has certainly taken us by surprise. We’re hoping Google will have a native solution to track the heart rate on Android Wear in time for the Moto 360 launch.

Moto 360 Back

There’s a comparison image of the Moto 360 with the LG G Watch, giving us a better idea of the size difference. And much to our surprise, the device appears to be smaller than the G Watch, but still thicker than any smartwatch we’ve seen. But those concerned about the size of the Moto 360 won’t have to worry any longer. The source responsible for these images got some time to spend with the Moto 360 and claimed that the battery life was quite decent at 2.5 days.

Moto 360 - G Watch

Going by all these indications, it seems like the Moto 360 could prove to be one solid smartwatch when it breaks cover in the coming months. You can catch the complete gallery of images and comparison photos from the source link below.

Moto 360 Charging

Source: Luca Viscardi

Via: Android Police

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