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HTC Nexus 8 a.k.a Flounder gets certified in South Korea

HTC Nexus 8 - Flounder

A leak from earlier today gave us a brief idea about the hardware on board the upcoming HTC Nexus 8 tablet. And now, a Korean certification database has certified a device codenamed ‘Flounder‘, which as we all know is an early name given to the Nexus 8 in addition to ‘Volantis‘. The mention of Flounder pretty much confirms the device’s existence, giving further credence to the leaks that we’ve seen over the past several weeks. The model number 0P8210000 is mentioned here as well, which has been associated with the tablet in previous leaks.

The certification was given by the RRA or the Radio Research Agency of South Korea, so it’s coming from a pretty legitimate source as far as we can tell. However, there’s still no word on the complete hardware or even a release timeframe at the moment. But as we speculated earlier, the smartphone could arrive later in the year along with the next gen Nexus smartphone.

Source: RRA

Via: G For Games

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