How To Fix Common Problems With Sprint Galaxy Note 2


There is already a running series for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but I think it will be more helpful for our readers if we published support articles for carrier-specific devices. This is the first part of our Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Problems series and based on emails we received this past few months, we may publish articles like this in the following weeks and months.

So, if you have problems with your device, feel free to email us at [email protected] and please include the model of your phone, the version of Android it’s running and your service provider. These information are necessary so we will know where to start our troubleshooting. We need to know your carrier or service provider because there are carrier-specific bugs.

Galaxy Note 2 Doesn’t Play A Message Tone

Problem: Hi Droid guys. I am a Sprint customer and I have the Galaxy Note 2. The phone is more than a year old already so I’m expecting that sooner there will be more problems I will encounter. Today, I have a little problem with it. It doesn’t play a message tone like it used to when text messages come in. Please help me figure it out. Thanks. — Janine

Solution: Hi Janine, I’m glad you reach out to us for your problem. If this issue happened just recently with no apparent reason, I think it’s not that serious. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem:

Step 1: Try calling your phone number. If it rings when there’s an incoming call, then I think the message tone was turned off in your phone.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Messaging.
  2. Tap the Menu key and choose Settings.
  3. Tap Notifications until the function is turned on.
  4. Tap Select ringtone.
  5. Tap the different message tones to listen to them.
  6. Once you’ve found a message tone you like, tap OK.

Step 2: Boot to Safe Mode and observe. If choosing a different message tone doesn’t help, then it’s time you boot the phone to Safe Mode and observe it from there. The reason for this is that a third-party app maybe preventing the phone from sounding off when text messages come in. If it plays a message tone when in Safe Mode, our suspicion is right. So, you need to find that app and uninstall it.

Galaxy Note 2 Can’t Receive Any Calls

Problem 1: Hello, I’ve been getting emails from my friends that they can’t call my number and for the last three days, I haven’t received a call from anybody. So I know there is a problem with my phone. Can you help me fix this, please? Oh, by the way, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which gets service from Sprint. — Jake

Problem 2: Hi Harold, thanks for all these support articles. I browsed through your previous Note 2 articles and I didn’t find a problem related to mine. The issue is really not that serious and it happened just recently. My Note 2 can’t receive calls. I really don’t know how to fix this so I need your input. I already tried calling Sprint’s hotline but I waited more than 15 minutes and never got a rep. Thanks. — Azalea

Solution: Hello, Jake and Azalea. If this problem happened just recently, then it could be just temporary. Please follow troubleshooting steps below:

Step 1: Place a call to any number on your contact list. If you can make a call just fine, then I’m afraid the issue is with the phone.

Step 2: Turn off divert of all calls. This is the most common cause of this problem. Here’s how you turn off call divert feature:

  1. Tap Phone then hit the Menu key.
  2. Tap Call Settings and then Call Forwarding.
  3. Tap Voice Call.
  4. After a moment the current settings are displayed.
  5. Tap each of the following options:
    1. Always forward
    2. Forward when busy
    3. Forward when unanswered
    4. Forward when unreachable
  6. Tap Disable.
  7. Repeat until all diverts have been turned off.

Step 3: Call service provider. If you cannot make a call, listen to the recording if there’s any. Then, call your service provider and inquire about the status of your account. It would also be helpful if you asked your callers what they could hear when they called your number.

During my tenure as a tech support rep for one wireless company, I often get calls with problems like this. We have a tool to reactivate the number at will and I’m sure every carrier has one. So, don’t hesitate to seek assistance, after all, tech reps have all tools needed to fix problems with your service.

Galaxy Note 2 Can’t Connect To Other Bluetooth Devices

Problem 1: Hello guys. I have one very annoying problem with my Note 2–it cannot connect to other Bluetooth devices and vice versa. I recently just started using BT to share contents and I never encountered this problem before. It seems like for no reason at all, all Bluetooth devices became incompatible with my phone’s BT. Can you suggest a solution to this problem?

Problem 2: Hi. Please help me with my problem. My phone, Note 2, cannot connect via Bluetooth to my other phone and my new Bluetooth headset. I rebooted it many times already but still the problem is there. I’m not techie so I haven’t done anything just yet. Can you help me?

Solution: First of all, I didn’t hear anything that suggest there is a bug affecting Galaxy Note 2’s capability to connect via Bluetooth to other devices, but we really can’t be sure. What you guys can do is troubleshoot to know what the problem really is. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure both devices are within 10-meter radius. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connectivity feature. If possible, place both devices side-by-side for the sake of ruling out it’s not a proximity problem.

Step 2: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone and discoverable.

Step 3: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on the other device; make it discoverable also.

Step 4: Check for errors in your phone or in the other device. If there’s one, then that could be the cause.

Step 5: Make sure you enter the correct access code.

Step 6: Have the phone checked if all else failed. Perhaps, there’s a problem with the hardware that allow Bluetooth connection in your phone.

Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Turn On

Problem 1: I have an problem with my old Note 2. Whenever I attempt to turn it on, the screen lights up for a second then turns off without displaying the usual Samsung logo. In short, the phone just refuses to come on. I remember that about a couple of days ago, the phone just shut down when it reached 89% battery charge. I mean I was charging it and when it hit 80%, it shut down for no apparent reason. Help me please.

Problem 2: I hope you guys can help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I got from Sprint. I never had issues with it until recently when it just refuses to power on. There was a time when it became unresponsive. I left it for 5 minutes with the screen on but when I came back, the phone was still not responding to my touches. So, I removed the battery. The moment I placed it back and attempted to turn the phone on, it wouldn’t. The phone has 37% battery left when it became unresponsive. I need your help guys. Thanks.

Solution: Perhaps the reason why your phone won’t turn is that the battery was all drained. What I mean to say is that, it seldom happens that a phone like the Note 2 shuts down and won’t come back on. There are steps I want you to follow to troubleshoot this problem. But I will say in advance that you might end up having the phone checked by a technician.

Step 1: Inspect the phone physically. Look for liquid or physical damage because may be the phone got wet without your knowledge. If the phone also fell down from above the waistline, there is a possibility the impact damaged some hardware components inside.

Step 2: Attempt to charge it. I understand you may have already tried charging your phone but I want you to do it again. If the original charger won’t work, try a different one. A phone that won’t charge couldn’t power on.

Step 3: Remove the battery and inspect it. If you’ve already tried few chargers and the phone still refuses to charge, maybe there’s a problem with the battery. So, remove it from the phone and physically inspect it. If there’s swelling or some liquid leaking, don’t continue using it and buy a new one. However, if the battery looks good, just clean with a soft cloth its connectors.

Step 4: Check the battery connectors in your phone. After checking the battery, check the connectors on your phone. If there’s a pin that’s misaligned, that might be the cause of the problem. Gently pull the pin back to align with others.

Step 5: Try a new battery. After doing all things above and the phone still refuses to charge and turn on, it’s time you tried a different battery–a new one is recommended. If the problem still persists, then the issue is neither with the battery nor the charger but it could be with the USB charging port or other hardware inside.

Step 6: Bring the phone to a technician. Have it checked thoroughly because the USB charging port may have been damaged for some reason. If that was the case, then you will really have to buy the component and have it installed.

Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Continue Booting Up

Problem 1: Hi Harold. It’s nice knowing someone is doing the dirty job to fix our problems. Thanks for sharing your expertise. By the way, I have a problem with my phone that happened recently. For no apparent reason, my Galaxy Note 2 refuses to boot up normally. I mean, it’s stuck somewhere between the Samsung logo and the Home screen. How do you fix this? Thanks. — Jennifer

Problem 2: Hello guys! I’m your follower and I enjoy every support article you published. Please help me with my problem. I have a Note 2 and I got this from Sprint last year. It was working fine and performance-wise, I really couldn’t complain. However, just about three days ago, my phone couldn’t successfully boot up. It’s stuck on the Samsung logo. I already tried removing the battery and powered on the phone but still it didn’t work. I’m already at a loss here, so please advice me what to do. — Dex

Solution: Based on your messages, I think it’s just a firmware or app glitch. The following steps may be helpful in solving this problem:

Step 1: Remove the battery. Open the back cover, remove the battery and press and hold the power key for a minute. Then, place the battery back and turn the phone on. That should take care of simple glitches and temporary firmware problems.

Step 2: Try booting to Safe Mode. Doing so will temporarily disable all third-party or downloaded apps. If one of those apps is causing the problem, then booting to safe mode wouldn’t be a problem at all. You can then look for and uninstall problematic apps.

Step 3: Boot to recovery. If booting to safe mode didn’t go through, try booting the phone to recovery. If successful, wipe the cache partition and attempt to boot normally. If the phone is still stuck somewhere, boot back to recovery and perform factory reset from there.

Step 4: Let someone fix it for you. If the phone refuses to boot to safe mode and recovery, you have no other options but to bring it to a repair shop.

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  1. I am using samsung galaxy note 2. When my screen is off and i am using mobile data and there is an incoming call on whatsapp it does ring and also i cannot see incoming messages but rather when i turn on sreen before i can see messages and all calls now turned as missed calls.
    When it is using wifi it is the vice versa.
    Please help for it is affecting me in so many ways.
    Fon model GT-N7105
    Android version 4.4.2
    Service provider: vodafon

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