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Gear Circle is Samsung’s newest Bluetooth headphones with a vibrating feature

Samsung Gear Circle White

Samsung has been quite busy today with the announcement of the Gear S smartwatch earlier and now the Gear Circle bluetooth headphones. These headphones aren’t your standard run of the mill earbuds though, as they come with a unique vibrate feature which notifies users when there’s a text message or an incoming call alert. For those unaware, the same set of functionality is also available on the Sony SBH80 bluetooth earphones, so Samsung clearly isn’t the first to launch something like this.

The Gear Circle is also capable of snapping together to form a necklace like pattern, so it could be worn as a fashion accessory as well. The company promises a battery life of 9 hours on a full charge with its 180 mAh battery, which is quite decent for bluetooth headphones. Compatibility wise, all you need is a smartphone or tablet with support for Bluetooth 3.0+ and the Gear Circle should work comfortably.

Color options include black, blue as well as white so customers have a decent variety of options to choose from. Pricing details haven’t been given out yet, but Samsung is expected to bring these to the market starting October, which is when the Gear S is expected to be available as well.

Samsung Gear Circle Black

Source: Samsung

Via: The Verge

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