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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Errors [Part 33]

This is the 33rd part of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series. We’ve already addressed and answered hundreds of problems and questions sent to us by our readers. So, if you have issues with your Galaxy S3, I strongly suggest you dig a little deeper into our archive because more likely, we already provided solutions to your problems.

We, however, understand it isn’t easy to find specific Galaxy S3 problems, so try using the search widget on the right. Just enter your problem together with the brand and model of your phone and let it do the job. If your problems weren’t addressed yet or our solutions don’t work for you, feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to help you. However, due to the volume of emails we receive each day, it may take days for us to address your concerns through posts like this. So, if you want faster response, try posting in our Facebook page as I spend a few hours each day reading questions posted by our readers. Or, if you have a Google+ account, join the Smartphone Support community [click here to join] I recently created, which I also use to answer questions. That page is always open on my computer so you may be able to catch me if you posted there.

Now, there are ten problems I addressed in this post. You may click on any of the links below to go to that specific problem…

  1. Galaxy S3 Can’t Send SMS To A Contact
  2. Galaxy S3 Screen Problem
  3. Subway Surfers Game Hangs On Galaxy S3
  4. Galaxy S3 “Unknown error by Errorcallback”
  5. Galaxy S3 Can’t Boot Up After Firmware Update
  6. Galaxy S3 Prompting Standard Mode or Easy Mode
  7. Galaxy S3 Charging Problem
  8. Galaxy S3 Problems With Galaxy Apps
  9. Galaxy S3 Can’t Boot Up To Recovery Mode
  10. Galaxy S3 Emails Stopped Updating, MMS Not Downloaded

Galaxy S3 Can’t Send SMS To A Contact

Problem: Hi, for the last 2 days I have been trying to send text messages to my sister’s phone but every time it comes up with a symbol ! and the message failed. I have no idea why it’s happening and she is the only one in my contacts that it happens too? Thanks.

Solution: Try placing a call to that number; if it fails, then it’s a network issue, otherwise, troubleshoot the problem. The first thing you should do if it’s a phone issue is to clear the cache and data of the messaging app you’re using. In case you have more than one messaging app, disable the others and use the stock app.

With all those things done, try sending a text message again. If the problem persists, try sending text message to a different number. If it goes through, then check the details of the contact you’re having issues with especially the phone number.

Lastly, if everything else failed, call your service provider and ask for the correct Message Center number and ask the rep to walk you through editing the current center number in your phone.

Galaxy S3 Screen Problem

Problem: Hey, so I have this really weird problem on my Galaxy S3. It started after I dropped my phone and I got my broken screen replaced. Whenever the battery drops below 30%, the signal bar goes to 0 and the screen starts flickering, and moments later the screen will go unresponsive to touch/buttons and it will go black and refuses to boot until I get it charged. Spare my carelessness, I dropped my phone about weeks later and I got the screen replaced at another store, but the problem persists. Could you suggest any problem with this weird issue? Thanks! — Dean

Suggestion: After those incidents, there is always the possibility that the problems you’re currently experiencing may be caused by faulty component(s). However, there is also a chance that the behavior of your phone is due to a setting or firmware inconsistencies. To rule out these possibilities, I would like you to check if the power saving mode is on. If it is, disable it so the phone can work at optimum performance. In case the power saving mode has already been disabled and the problems still persist, backup all your data and perform factory reset via the recovery mode. If the problems aren’t fixed after doing so, then it’s a hardware problem. You should have the phone checked by a technician.

Subway Surfers Game Hangs On Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi dear. How are you? As I’m new to S3 and I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T i747 model and I have updated 4.3 jelly bean. But I have a problem in running subway surfers. The game hangs up. So please help me. How can I sort out this problem? Kindly reply. Thanks.

Solution: Subway Surfers is actually a very light game and very stable at that. Even entry-level Android devices can run this game without any problem. I think there are just a lot of apps running in the background in your Galaxy S3 that there isn’t enough memory left for the game. To address that, close those application and clear your RAM. You can also try to boot to safe mode and run the game from there. If it runs without a problem, then it’s the third-party apps that’s causing the problem. You might want to find the app that’s causing it.

Another way to address it is to clear the cache and data of the Subway Surfers game itself. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall it back. That often fixes problems related to apps performance.

Galaxy S3 “Unknown error by Errorcallback”

Problem: When I tap to access the camera on my Samsung it has just started to show. “Unknown error by Errorcallback.” Any ideas please? Thanks in advance. — Roni

Solution: This problem can either be a software problem or a hardware issue. Try clearing the cache and data of the camera app to reset the application to its default settings, and then try to use other application like Facebook and Instagram to take pictures. If the camera wouldn’t work with those apps, then it’s a hardware issue. A friend of mine, also a technician, encountered this problem before and he fixed it by blowing hot air onto the Camera IC. In other words, bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Boot Up After Firmware Update

Problem: Hi there, I had the same problem that after firmware update my Samsung Galaxy S3 just stuck at the logo “SAMSUNG”, I’ve tried your solution, however up to the step “When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears”, a standing green robot appeared and it was uploaded till about 27% then another robot this time lying down appeared just for one second then the screen was back to the “SAMSUNG” logo. I’ve tried to repeat your solution steps a few times and it always encountered the same problem. I guess I have never reached the system recovery screen for me to ‘wipe cache partition’ or ‘wipe data / factory reset’. Would you please help me? Thanks very much! — Helen

Solution: There is a possibility that the firmware update wasn’t finished or was interrupted. You know, booting problems that were caused by firmware updates can easily be fixed by wiping the cache partition or doing the factory reset. I understand you can’t boot up successfully but there are still two ways you can do to be able to perform factory reset–either by booting up to safe mode or recovery mode. But since you also have issues booting to recovery, try booting to safe mode. If it’s successful, you can backup your data and perform factory reset from there. But in case you can neither boot in safe more or recovery mode, you should have your phone checked by a technician. He may have to install the firmware manually.

Galaxy S3 Prompting Standard Mode or Easy Mode

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and somehow my standard mode home screen has disappeared. When I go into settings, my device, home screen it gives the option of applying standard or easy mode. When I try to apply standard mode nothing happens, can you help please? Regards, Eileen.

Solution: I have a feeling your Home screens have already been deleted for some reason. I don’t know the history of your phone or what happened before you lost your home screens so I really can’t point out what the problem is. However, when choosing standard or basic mode won’t change anything, it could be that your phone is already using the standard home screen.

If I were you, I would quit trying to restore lost Home screens and start building new ones from scratch. Try customizing one screen and reboot your phone. If that screen remains, then you can continue adding some more. However, if the screen disappears after boot up, there could be a glitch with the TouchWiz. You would need to clear its cache and data but this will also bring back to default all your screens but it’s an effective way to fix this issue. Your previous Home screens, however, will be gone forever when you do this…but as I said earlier, you may have lost them already.

Galaxy S3 Charging Problem

Problem: Hi, I was wondering why my galaxy s3 (sprint) won’t charge without the mobile data turned off. It seems to have occurred after the latest update and took me a while to figure out why. I have a good battery, and I got my phone at the beginning of the year. Your help would be most appreciate. Sincerely, Brandi.

Solution: I was actually wondering what happens with your phone when you plug it in to charge; does the usual charging icon not showing or it says it’s charging but actually doesn’t when mobile data is turned on.

If it doesn’t show the charging icon when mobile data is turned on, try booting to safe mode and charge while the phone is in that state. It will rule out the possibility that it’s caused by a third-party app. If the problem stays, then it’s potentially a hardware issue. Have the phone checked.

However, if the charging icon shows the phone is charging but the battery percentage doesn’t go up, then turning mobile data on drains the battery faster and the power adapter cannot keep up with the draining issue. Of course, turning mobile data off is a workaround but it also means you cannot receive MMS or connect to the internet the entire time the phone charges. Just like the previous procedure, boot to safe mode and try to see if the phone can charge faster. If it does, then the draining problem cannot only be attributed to the mobile data but also to third-party apps that are running in the background. The best thing to do is to close all background apps especially those that use data.

Galaxy S3 Problems With Galaxy Apps

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, that initially had the android version 4.1 or 4.2 can´t remember now, but now has android version 4.3. Two days ago, I was ask to update the Samsung app icon, them after the update it changes names to “GALAXY Apps”.

Now if I touch on it , I immediately have a “ No network connection” pop up, although connectivity is present, as I am able to go to Google Play Store and update other apps. Please can you help? Regards, Fernando.

Solution: Since you never mentioned you’ve verified you have an active Internet connection over Wi-Fi, that’s the first thing I want you to check. Try browsing through some websites to download something from the internet. If you can do these but still prompted with ‘No connection’ message, try to force stop Galaxy Apps and run it again. If it won’t help, reboot the phone.

In case the problem persists after doing the procedures above, try connecting to mobile data and launch Galaxy Apps. If the same thing happens, then there’s an issue with the app itself. Reset it to its default settings by clearing its data and cache. That should do it. Otherwise, contact Samsung.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Boot Up To Recovery Mode

Problem: My Galaxy S3 won’t turn on. It occasionally will get to the initial SAMSUNG screen as if to power up but then nothing. I read your article “How To Fix a Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting Guide”, and had no luck with steps 1-3. On step 4, booting to recovery mode, the screen stayed black but at the top in blue lettering it said “Recovery Booting” or something like that. Then nothing else happened. Does this sound like a power switch issue? Thanks! — Heather

Solution: I hope you haven’t dropped your phone by accident because if that’s the case, then it sure is a hardware issue. There are some steps I want you try:

  1. While the phone is on, pull the battery out.
  2. Check if the battery is bulging by spinning it on a flat surface. If it bulges, then buying a new battery may fix this problem.
  3. With the battery removed, press and hold the power button for a minute. After that, leave the phone be without battery for 30 minutes.
  4. After 30 minutes, place the battery back and attempt to turn it on. If the same thing happens, then there’s nothing you can do about it at this point.
  5. If you have insurance, call your service provider as they will guide you how to claim a replacement unit.
  6. Or, you can have the phone checked by a technician as it may require JTAG-ging.

Galaxy S3 Emails Stopped Updating, MMS Not Downloaded

Problem: My email (yahoo and private email) stopped sending/receiving last week. I uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing. and now I have to have the wifi on to download pics in my texts .. I had my wifi off previously. When I try to refresh my email, the circle just spins.. doesn’t load anything. Help! If you can! Thanks, Sheri.

Solution: I believe the email and MMS problems are related. That said, try turning off the Wi-Fi on your phone but leave mobile data on (if mobile data is off, please turn it on). If the problem persists even with this setup, please call your service provider and ask for the correct APN for your phone. It is necessary for you to connect to the network. MMS or picture messages can be downloaded via mobile data regardless whether Wi-Fi is on or off. If you can got the correct APN and have an active internet connectivity, I’m sure your email problem will be solved together with the MMS issue.

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