How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Error Messages [Part 27]

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  1. Galaxy Note 3 Charging Problem
  2. Galaxy Note 3 Disconnects and Reconnects To Network
  3. New Galaxy Note 3 Not Registering SIM Card
  4. Galaxy Note 3 Fails To Download Using Mobile Data
  5. Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Download Message Attachment
  6. Galaxy Note 3 4G Connection Drops To 3G
  7. Galaxy Note 3 Air Feature And KNOX Problems
  8. Galaxy Note 3 S Voice “Can’t Find Network” Problem
  9. Galaxy Note 3 Video Playback Questions
  10. Galaxy Note 3 Battery Drains Faster With Mobile Data 

Galaxy Note 3 Charging Problem

Problem: Hey did you have any issues concerning charging of the charger that came with the device cause I’m having the issue with the factory charger if it gets to a certain percent it won’t charge or sometimes it doesn’t charge at all but when I use a basic USB charger sometime it may work if you can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, James.

Suggestion: If the phone charges fine with other chargers, then the OEM charger is at fault here. But there is a possibility that the problem is with the cable, so if you want to troubleshoot it first before buying a new charger for your Note 3, you should try using the original cable and plug it to a desktop computer to see if the phone would charge. If it doesn’t, then our suspicion is confirmed. I’m not sure if you could buy a cable alone without buying the power adapter but it’s important you should get a new one because other cables may not work in transferring data from your phone to your computer.

In case the phone charges when plugged to a computer using the original cable, then the power adapter is the problem. I won’t recommend you open it up and experiment with the circuitry inside because that would be very dangerous. In other words, just buy a new one.

Galaxy Note 3 Disconnects and Reconnects To Network

Problem: My Note 3 mobile data will connect and then disconnect and then reconnect. The connection can stay solid from less than a minute to 5, 10 minutes before disconnecting again and then it will reconnect. All of this will happen while being stationary with a 4G LTE full bar connection when connected. Why and/or what is causing this unstable mobile data connection. Thanks, Maurice.

Solution: Maurice, it can be a network problem or a phone problem but I really can’t pinpoint which one because I don’t know how the phone is setup. But in case your phone is connected to Wi-Fi network while the mobile data is enabled, there is a possibility that the device automatically switches from Wi-Fi network to mobile data network depending on which network offers stronger signal. If it’s the case, then just go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > tap the Menu key > choose Advanced > make sure Auto network switch is Disabled.

However, if the phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or the Auto network switch has already been disabled and the problem still persists, it is wise to boot to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. If the problem still happens, it is recommended you backup your data and perform factory reset. After this procedure and the problem still occurs, it could be a network problem. You must call your service provider.

New Galaxy Note 3 Not Registering SIM Card

Problem: I’m helping a friend with their new phone that they just brought. It’s a “happy life smart phone 5 Note 3”. And the SIM isn’t registering. I’ve tried those steps you’ve kindly recommended but I’m still experiencing difficulties. Thank you for your help.

Solution: Yeah, about that, it could be just a provisioning issue. Call the service provider or the provider of the SIM card first. More often, the phone will be paired with the SIM card in the system.

Galaxy Note 3 Fails To Download Using Mobile Data

Problem: Hey mate, I found your email address online. I am having problems with my Samsung Note 3, anything that uses the internet data, apps and internet it just stops downloading data and then everything that uses data fails to load. When I search a web browser I have to refresh it 3 or 4 times to load that one web page, facebook for another example fails to update, snap chat doesn’t like sending pictures I have to try it 4 or 5 times, I’ve done a factory reset I’ve also reinstalled the apps and looked into everything it could be, the last thing I can think it is, is the actual SIM contractor that I’m with and they just have a very poor internet any ideas would be great. Cheers.

Suggestion: So basically, you have an internet connection but it takes an awful lot of time to load even a single webpage. I would assume that when you use mobile internet, you are, at least, connected to 3G network because lower than that, you surely wouldn’t get a decent connection.

Aside from seeing this problem as a network issue, i.e. temporary slow browsing problem due to service interruptions, I also think you may have reached your data cap. That said, the best thing to do is to verify whether it’s a network problem or there’s an issue with your account. Call your service provider. It isn’t wise to begin troubleshooting if you haven’t verified the status of the network or your account especially when this problem happened just recently.

Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Download Message Attachment

Problem: Hi, I’m a big fan of your posts/articles on the drippler app. I’ve only recently encountered a problem that I’ve not had before. My wife has an iPhone and sometimes when she sends me photos I get an error/a gray picture with a triangle. I use the stock messenger app and she uses the stock apple app. Does it have something to do with whether I (or she) is connected to WiFi? It only just started happening and before that there was never any problem. If there is no resolve to it, do you recommend any messenger apps that we can use to eliminate this issue? Thanks! — Chris

Solution: Hey Chris. You need to be connected to mobile data network to be able to send/receive MMS messages. It doesn’t actually matter whether or not you’re connected to Wi-Fi as long as mobile data is enabled. Of course, the first thing I want you to check is your mobile data connected; make sure it’s enabled.

If mobile data is enabled and you’re still getting this problem, try to check the Priority Level and Auto Retrieve settings. Open the Messaging app > tap the Menu key > choose Settings > under the SMS/MMS option, find Auto retrieve > enable Auto retrieve.

Next, set your Messages priority level to normal.

Galaxy Note 3 4G Connection Drops To 3G

Problem: Good morning. I am on my 2nd Note 3 since February of this year. The 2nd Note 3 which I am writing on now has the same problem as the 1st.

It will not stay in 4G for more than 3 weeks before dropping to 3G. I than have to replace the SIM Card AGAIN. When I go to Verizon today… I will have had a total of 8 SIM Cards.

Verizon replaced my first phone because of this, however the problem continues even with this phone as well. I have a couple of friends who have the Note 3 and they too are having the same problem.

I have given up on Verizon as they do not know what is wrong. They even put the phone in Safe Mode to see if any Apps were a problem. Still nothing.

I did do the update from Google/Samsung and this did not take care of the problem. So, I am hoping you may know what the issue is and what can be done to FIX this annoying problem. Thank you, Thomas.

Solution: Good day, Thomas! If you’re an extensive internet user, like you download large data or often stream videos and other media, it is most likely that your connection was throttled down when you reached your data cap.

You said it would take about 3 weeks before your connection is dropped to 3G. If that’s consistent, then it would take that long before you can actually consume the data allotted to your account for that month before the system automatically throttles down your connection. Data caps are implemented monthly so you can regain 4G connectivity after a week.

However, if this isn’t the case, then Verizon can answer your questions better than I am because I really don’t think it’s a phone issue.

Galaxy Note 3 Air Feature And KNOX Problems

Problem: After a system update which i run on my device (Galaxy Note 3) on 22nd August, 2014 ,my air gestures are no longer functioning when i hover my hand over screen. Can’t browse through pictures and songs anymore even though the air features are all turned on. However, the outlook of my changed KNOX changed after the update but it’s no longer working. I have done a factory reset but still the problems remains the same. What could be wrong? Please i need your assistance on how to fix it. — Joseph

Solution: Joseph, I understand you already did the factory reset but I want you to try that one more time via the recovery mode. However, before you do the factory reset, I want you to wipe the cache partition first. You can do both in recovery mode.

If that doesn’t work and you don’t want to void your warranty, I suggest you call Samsung, then send your phone for repair. They’ll probably install the previous firmware version then install the new update. If, however, you’re not too concerned about your warranty, then try rooting your phone and install custom ROMs.

Galaxy Note 3 S Voice “Can’t Find Network” Problem

Problem: I am unable to use S Voice. Every time I try I get “Can’t find a network” Error on Galaxy Note 3. I have searched for fixes on the internet but have not found any answers.   I have seen that there are a lot of people that have the same problem. Can you help? Thank you, Teresa.

Solution: First of all, make sure you have an active internet connection and try using S Voice again. If it persists, there are two possibilities: either it’s a network problem (I’m referring to mobile data network) or just a minor issue with the phone.

There were many Note 3 owners who complained about this problem and majority of them were from T-Mobile. It turned out it was a temporary network issue and resetting the APN would solve it. Based on your email signature, you’re with another carrier so instead of resetting the APN in your phone, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings, and then Controls.
  3. Tap Language and Input.
  4. Change “Voice Recognizer” to “Samsung powered by Vlingo.”
  5. The S Voice problem should be fixed now.

Galaxy Note 3 Video Playback Questions

Question: This isn’t really a problem, but relates to something I would like to do with my Note 3 but do not have the knowledge background to figure it out.

When traveling I would like to watch movies on my Note 3. I have heard that the movies can be stored on external flash drives for this purpose, but I am a complete novice in terms of the hardware and apps needed to make this happen. Here are the questions (1) How large a flash drive is needed to store the typical movie? (2) How do I get the movie onto the flash drive? (3) What type of cable is needed to connect the flash drive to the Note 3? (4) What kind of playback app do I need to watch the movies? I’d appreciate any and all help. Thirteen hour flights just suck! — Bob C

Answers: Hey Bob, here are the answers to your questions:

  • Q1: How large a flash drive is needed to store the typical movie?
    • A1: It depends on the resolution or size of the movie and how many you want to store in the flash drive. But to be safe, I suggest you buy, at least, 16GB or 32GB.
  • Q2: How do I get the movie onto the flash drive?
    • A2: Plug the flash drive to the computer where the movies are and just copy them.
  • Q3: What type of cable is needed to connect the flash drive to the Note 3?
    • A3: Any USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter would do. Here’s a couple that would surely work: adapter 1 | adapter 2.
  • Q4: What kind of playback app do I need to watch the movies?
    • A4: The stock video player that came pre-installed with the Note 3 would do.

Bon voyage!

Galaxy Note 3 Battery Drains Faster With Mobile Data

Problem: Hello, my name is Vikash and i am from India, I’ve been following you articles on ‘fixing errors and problems in Note 3 and they are really helpful. My problem is that since past 1 week my Samsung galaxy note 3 which i purchased on may 2014, its battery life reduces when i enable my mobile data. This problem arise last week and continuing. When my phone is 100 percent charged and i enable mobile data its battery reduces to 0 percent in 2 hours whereas normally it last for 8 to 10 hours. There is no problem when I use WiFi but only with mobile data…please reply asap….thank you.

Solution: Well, there’s no problem with your phone. It’s normal that it drains the battery faster when it’s connected to mobile data network than when it’s using Wi-Fi. Additionally, there could be a lot of apps that are running in the background. When connected to mobile data, give the phone time to rest or cool off. I’m sure you noticed that when using the phone straight for several minutes, it becomes hotter than usual.

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