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European pricing of the LG G Watch R revealed

LG G Watch R

With the LG G Watch R going official earlier today, we already know quite a lot about it by now. But LG conveniently kept the pricing and availability a mystery, by only mentioning a tentative Q4 2014 release date. However, the company’s German wing has now revealed the pricing as well as the availability details in its latest press release and we don’t have much good news. The press release states that the smartwatch will be priced at €299 or $394 with availability slated to commence in October.

We’ve often seen that European and American prices don’t really match, so it is likely that the device could cost somewhere close to $329 ($100 premium on the standard G Watch) in the U.S. With the Moto 360 recently revealed to be priced at $250, a pricing upwards of $300 will put LG in a spot of bother. Considering that users are largely in favor of the Moto 360 due to its slightly larger display real estate and several other factors, LG will have its work cut out to convince customers that their offering is better. We’ll get a clearer picture of things in a week from now when pricing and availability details of the Moto 360 are revealed.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the pricing set by LG for the G Watch R.

Source: LG

Via: Android Police

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