CycleAT Is A Tire Sensor That Connects To Your Android Device

When you are out driving on your motorcycle or bike one of the problems that you may encounter usually is a flat tire or a low pressure tire. This wouldn’t be an issue if there was a place nearby where you could get it fixed however if you are in the middle of nowhere then this becomes a problem. CycleAT aims to help you avoid situations like this by providing you with real time information on the condition of your tire.

Why is this an important device to get for motorcyclists or bike riders? We all know that running on a motorcycle or bike with underinflated tires is dangerous. In most cases riding in underinflated tires will quickly build up the heat and lead to sudden failure. This will also cause the tire to wear out unevenly. The problem is that these tires are seldom checked with the proper tools. The rider will usually just look at the tires and if there doesn’t appear to be a problem then it’s deemed good. This is not an accurate way of getting the tire condition.

CycleAT is basically a tire sensor that communicates with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. It provides various information on the condition of the tire of your motorcycle or bike such as tire pressure, temperature, movement/motion data, speed, and detailed ride mapping. According to the developers “We took the latest in low-power Bluetooth technology and incorporated the ability to stream real-time data to your smartphone.  CycleAT provides intuitive visual and audio cues to users if their tires stray out of safe ranges, improving ride safety and efficiency.  Through our sleek yet intuitive smartphone app, we make it easy to monitor your cycle safety.  We have tested our prototype sensors at high speeds and under extreme conditions to ensure your safety; now, we need your help to make this project a reality for riders everywhere!”

CycleAT is a small device that attaches itself to the valve stem. It is able to monitor various data and sends this information to a paired smartphone running on the companion app. If there is anything wrong them your tire you will immediately know what it is. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time which goes in deep sleep if not in use.

If you are interested in getting the CycleAT then check out its Kickstarter campaign. This device is still in development and is seeking $80,000 for it to be completed. Right now $27,354 has already been raised with 42 days still left in the campaign. A pledge of $149 or more will get you an early bird special of two CycleAT sensors which is expected to be delivered by April 2015.

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