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Corrosion of the LG G Watch charging pins will be reportedly fixed with a software update

LG G Watch Corrosion

Over the past few weeks, some users of the LG G Watch have been reporting corrosion of the charging pins on the back with prolonged usage. And as these complaints get more widespread, LG has decided to acknowledge the issue and promise a resolution over the weekend. However, this won’t be a device replacement, but rather a software update which will apparently stop the corrosion of the charging pins.

LG claims that the cause of the corrosion is a particular current which makes its way through the charging pins on regular intervals. This combined by sweat will obviously cause a reaction and cause the charging pins to be discolored or lose functionality altogether. The update will ensure that these charging pins are not in use unless the device is being charged. So if you own a G Watch and have noticed corrosion or discoloring of those POGO charging pins, don’t panic as a fix is almost on its way.

Have you noticed such issues on your LG G Watch? Make sure you share your thoughts below.

Via: Cult of Android

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