Android L could bring multi user support to smartphones as well

Android L

Google introduced the multi-user feature with Android 4.2, allowing tablets to have multiple user accounts. But this feature wasn’t officially available on smartphones as it’s a personal device and not usually accessed by the entire family. However, in response to a user query, a Googler has clarified that multi-user support for smartphones will be added in the next build of Android L with the development team already implementing this feature into the OS.

Although this feature might not come in handy to many, it’s good to know that Google is introducing it across the board. Using this feature, parents can finally restrict their children from making unauthorized purchases and keep certain apps hidden as well. There’s still some time for Android L to be rolled out on a wider scale as it is only available for developers at the moment. But going by last year’s trend, we should have the OS officially breaking cover later in the year.

Source: Google

Via: Phone Arena

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