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Amazon Fire Phone not exactly off to a great start according to new data

Amazon Fire Phone

When Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone through AT&T, it was always expected to be a dud, considering that it’s an Android device with no support for Google Play services. However, with features like Firefly and the motion tracking cameras, Amazon expected to do some noise in the market. But according to data gathered by Chitika and ComScore, the Fire Phone might not have sold more than 35,000 units.

The data available suggests that the Fire Phone accounted for 0.015% – 0.020% of the impressions made by all Android devices during the first 20 days of its sale. There was approximately 177 million smartphones in use at the time, which brings the figure to roughly above 26,000. But taking into account the few devices that might not have frequented sites with Chitika ads, the number still cannot surpass 35,000. So it’s clear that the Fire Phone is not exactly a hit, not at this time at least.

But given that this is Amazon’s first attempt at making a smartphone, we’re seeing more of a long term plan from the company. Are you an owner of the Fire Phone? Let us know below.

Via: The Guardian

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