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3,000 mAh Mophie juice pack for the Samsung Galaxy S5 launching Sep. 8

Mophie Galaxy S5

Mophie is a well known brand popular for its external batteries and cases. The manufacturer has now announced that it will be launching its popular juice packs meant specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The unit will be available in both white and black colors with a price tag of $99.95. Customers will have to wait until the 8th of September to get their hands on this case though, so it’s only available on pre-order now.

This juice pack for the Galaxy S5 has a capacity of 3,000 mAh, which is slightly more than the actual capacity of the stock Galaxy S5 battery. So technically, you can get a little more than a full charge using this case. Some might think the $99.95 pricing is too steep for something like a case, but that’s a subjective opinion.

If you’ve owned Mophie products before, make sure you give this one a try for your Galaxy S5. As is the nature of such accessories, it might help to wait a couple of weeks after the launch for the prices to dip down a bit.

Source: Mophie

Via: Android Central

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