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128GB microSD card from SanDisk selling for just $99.99 on Amazon

SanDisk MicroSD Deal Amazon

Looking to get some extra storage for your Android smartphone or tablet? Amazon is the place to look right now as SanDisk’s 128GB microSDXC card is selling for just $99.99. That’s a $20 off on the regular pricing, which is a substantial discount for memory modules of this category.

Of course, only a few new devices are compatible with 128GB microSD cards at the moment, so not all will be able to benefit from getting one of these. But if you recently bought yourself any of the top flagships such as the LG G3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 and even the Galaxy Tab S, the card should work just fine.

We’re not sure if this is a one day deal or if it will last for a while, but it’s logical to make full use of it while you still can. Head over to the link below for more details. But before you do, make sure your smartphone or tablet supports microSDXC cards of 128GB.

Source: Amazon

Via: Droid-Life

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