The Wolf Among Us arrives on Android via the Amazon Appstore

The Wolf Among Us arrives on Android via the Amazon Appstore

Telltale Games, developer of popular console and PC games like The Walking Dead and the Monkey Island series, has been steadily warming up to Android after years of ignoring Google’s mobile operating system. The Walking Dead made its way to our beloved OS in the last few months, and now, Telltale has brought over another excellent adventure series, The Wolf Among Us. 

The Wolf Among Us follows the adventures of Sheriff Bigby, also known as the Big Bad Wolf, in Fabletown, a place where the fables and stories that you heard as a kid – Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, or Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – have grown up and live lives so serious and gritty you would think you were watching Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. The game plays out as a point and click affair, with players conversing with characters in game and making various moral choices that change the way the game plays out. Most of the game is about finding clues and dialogue, but there are also a few instances where you fight it out with a character, in turn getting to see one of the reasons why Bigby is called the Big Bad Wolf.

Like The Walking Dead, the first episode of The Wolf Among Us is free, with episodes 2-5 available as in-app purchases. The game is currently available only on the Amazon Appstore, but you can expect it to show up on the Play Store in the next few weeks once the (disappointing) Amazon exclusivity ends.

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