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Wireless charging accessories for the Sony Xperia Z2 might have been cancelled

Xperia Z2 Wireless Charging plateA new report from Xperia Blog indicates that Sony might have axed the two wireless charging accessories which were touted to arrive alongside the Xperia Z2. The wireless charging cover (WCR12) and the Qi charging plate (WCH10) have magically disappeared from Sony’s official website. Even the YouTube videos showing off the accessories have been pulled down, giving further credence to the report.

So what could be the reason behind suddenly canning these two accessories? Sony is yet to come up with a word on this, but we’re guessing there was a design flaw which needed addressing. The Xperia Z3 is barely two months away from launch, so maybe Sony wants to focus on that for the time being. It is possible that the Z3 will come with wireless charging plate by default, which wouldn’t require a separate cover like the WCR12.

The two accessories were available for purchase through some retailers as well, so it’s clearly a last minute decision from the folks at Sony. As for the customers who already own the accessories, it will be interesting to see if Sony will set up a recall, assuming this is a hardware related issue.

Via: Xperia Blog


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