Wear Hotspot for Android Wear lets you toggle WiFi hotspot remotely

Wear Hotspot

The number of Android Wear apps are increasing each day. And among the flurry of apps that are coming through, we’re finding some useful utility apps for the smartwatch which could make lives a lot simpler for users. One such app is Wear Hotspot, which is nothing but a toggle for the WiFi hotspot feature on your smartphone. Using the app, customers can turn WiFi Hotspot on or off right from their wrist without even requiring to open the smartphone. The feature won’t work if the WiFi hotspot feature is disabled by the carrier though.

The app is free for download and can be picked up from the Android Wear section in the Google Play Store. Apps like these justify the usefulness of a smartwatch like accessory in our daily routine which is mostly spent in front of a desk or a computer with no access to smartphones at all times. This could pave the way for many such toggle apps to hit the Play Store, which should only make lives easier  for owners of Android Wear smartwatches.

Via: Android Police

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