VLC for Android Beta finally accessible in the U.S. and Canada

VLC for Android

The VLC for Android app is quite a stellar media player, much like MX Player or KM Player and several others that are freely available on the Play Store. However, VLC is a more popular name given its success as a media player on desktops for as long as we can remember. However, the Android app was quite limited in its approach as it was blocked for users of Canada and the United States. But the developers have now lifted those restrictions and the app can be downloaded globally without much hassle.

The restriction was put in place because the makers of VLC didn’t have access to devices in those regions as their development team is scattered across Europe and Asia. Another bit of good news is that the app will soon be out of beta and will be free of glitches, if any. The app has been in Beta since 2012, so it’s high time the developers removed that tag. The forthcoming update to the app is also said to bring support for Chromecast, which is a nifty addition.

Much like any other video player, VLC for Android can practically run any format with support for a wide range of codecs. However, users accustomed to MX Player (like myself) might find it difficult to migrate to VLC just yet.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Droid-Life

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