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Users can now set reminders using the Google homepage

Google Reminders

Google is known for integrating its services across the cloud for seamless connectivity and access. And a new change now allows users to post reminders using Google homepage on their web browser. All they have to do is type out “Remind me to ….” and Google will bring out a layout where the user will be asked to enter the date, time and other related particulars for the reminder.

It’s a very novel addition since users aren’t always around their smartphones and they can just as easily set reminders using The change has come into effect globally, so you can see it everywhere regardless of your geographical location. The reminders can be accessed across a range of devices and users will be alerted through Google Now on their mobile device. Google Now is available on Android by default (Jelly Bean and above) and on iOS with the Google Search app.

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Source: Google Operating System

Via: Cult of Android

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