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Two new HTC tablets could be in the making


HTC is believed to be in the running to bring the next Nexus tablet in a few months from now. However, Evleaks has managed to uncover two more tablets codenamed T7 and T12. We’re not sure what these codenames stand for and there’s no info on the hardware as it’s still very early in the day.

There’s no timeframe for the launch of the two tablets either and it’s only left to our imagination as to when the two devices will be unveiled by the Taiwanese manufacturer. It is possible that the T7 is a smaller tablet while the T12 could be a larger and a more premium offering. It is also likely that one of these is the Nexus tablet that we’ve heard so much about.

HTC is eager to foray into uncharted territories in order to stay viable in the industry. The company is expected to launch a smartwatch soon as a leaked render suggested, so we could have plenty to look forward to from HTC this year. Would you be willing to buy a premium tablet from HTC? Let us know below.

Source: Evleaks

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