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Screenshots of Samsung’s Gear VR app leaks out

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has been rumored to be working on a head-mounted wearable known as the Gear VR for quite some time now. Today, we have our first slice of evidence to prove that the device indeed exists. This comes thanks to a couple of leaked screenshots from an app known as the Samsung Gear VR, which appears to be a companion app for the wearable.

It’s quite evident from the screenshots that this is indeed an Oculus Rift like offering which covers both eyes and not a Google Glass competitor as initially expected. Sony is also working on a similar offering, so Samsung is clearly going to face a lot of competition when the device hits the markets.

Given that Samsung is expected to be collaborating with the makers of Oculus Rift, some of the similarities are quite obvious. Several leaks have strongly hinted at a September time release for the Gear VR, along with the new Galaxy Note 4.

Via: Sam Mobile

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