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Samsung Video and Media Hub To Shut Down August 1


If you have a Samsung phone or tablet, you have probably glanced at the Video and Media hub or even bought videos through it. But as of August 1st, Samsung will be shutting down the service, according to an email sent to customers.

Samsung has not provided a specific reason why they are shutting down the service, other than the company will now “focus on some exciting new video products.” In preparation for the shutdown, Samsung has disabled the ability to purchase or rent content and after August 1st, past purchases will not be able to be re-downloaded.

But Samsung is providing a way for users to keep their content they have purchased, by recommending users to transfer their information to the M-GO service. You will even get a $13 credit for signing up for it, according to the email:

All Samsung Video and Media Hub customers who transfer their account to M-GO will receive the benefit of an exclusive Welcome Offer valued at up to $13. By transferring your Samsung Video and Media Hub content to M-GO, you will be able to access your previously purchased videos from M-GO’s library at no additional cost. Once content is transferred, you will no longer be able to re-download content you purchased from Samsung Video or Media Hub.”

Samsung has posted a full FAQ on the shutdown on their website, so you should check that out for further details. And if you have used the service in the past, you have less than one month to migrate to M-GO. Did you use it or are you just glad some possibly unwanted software might be removed?

Source: Samsung via Android Central

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