Samsung Has New Screen Envy Ad For The Galaxy S5


Today Samsung has released a new ad for the Galaxy S5 and they are targeting iPhone users once again. For those of you who may be unaware, for the past few month it has been rumored that the new iPhone will come in a new screen size, either 4.7″ or 5.5″ (or both).

If that happens that would remove a marketing reason for people to get another device, so Samsung has preemptively put out an ad. The ad clearly goes after users who are waiting on a bigger screened iPhone and showing them they have the option to not wait and buy a Galaxy S5 now, with its 5.1″ screen versus the iPhone 5s with its 4″ screen.

While it is a good ad for Samsung, they are currently in 2nd place for sales with their Galaxy S5, behind the iPhone 5s in first place, as of May 2014. So it’ll be interesting to see if this and the “Wall Huggers” ad help boost sales before the new iPhone presumably launches later this year.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)