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Samsung Galaxy Tab S reportedly running into overheating issues

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - Overheating

Modern smartphones and tablets can heat up with prolonged usage, which is considered quite normal actually. However, it seems like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S might be running into trouble with the users as overheating complaints are beginning to surface.

The folks at are reporting that overheating of the device has caused the device to melt in the back. This is not surprising as the back of the Galaxy Tab S is made up entirely of plastic. The tablet features the same perforated back pattern as seen on the Galaxy S5.

While Samsung hasn’t fully acknowledged the issue, it has urged affected users to head over to their nearest Samsung service centers to get a replacement unit. This is clearly not the sort of news Samsung would have liked to hear, but it’s commendable of the Korean manufacturer to offer replacements to the users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - Overheating 2

Bear in mind, we’re still not sure if this issue is widespread, so there’s no need for concern just yet. The Galaxy Tab S is the company’s premium line of tablets featuring an AMOLED display and flagship grade hardware, so this is a big setback for the company if these reports are indeed true.

Source: HiTechMail – Translated

Via: Android Beat

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