Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Errors and their Solutions [Part 15]

Welcome to the 15th part in this series that deals with concerns from our readers regarding their Samsung Galaxy S2 device. We have already tackled hundreds of issues regarding this device however we are still receiving emails daily from our readers seeking for assistance which is why this series is still continuing. If you have a problem with your device you can check out our previous posts and see if a solution has already been given

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Galaxy Note 2 NFC Not Working

Problem: Hello TGD, im having a problem with my note 2, nfc used to work fine, after a while when i start nfc it gets stuck and doesn’t turn green, tried updating and factory reset nothing worked, I’m still on the original battery that came with the phone. Is there anything i can do to fix it?

Solution: You may have already done this but have you tried checking the NFC on your settings and toggle it

  • From the Home screen, touch Menu, then select
  • Settings > More settings.
  • Touch NFC to turn NFC On or Off.

Next, check on the back plate and see if the NFC antenna is still attached. If it’s missing then you might have found the cause of the problem.

Since you already performed a factory reset then we can safely assume that this issue isn’t caused by any third party app. If the issue still persists then there could be something wrong on the hardware side in which case you must bring this to an authorized service center for checking.

Galaxy Note 2 Font Changes In Clock Widget

Problem: Hey , I am having a little problem with my note 2 international N7100 After I updated it with kit kat the digital clock widget is showing abominable behavior … For example if I exit an app pressing the home button …which takes me to my home screen where there is this digital clock widget … what happens is the font size of the clock changes ..For instance the minutes become huge when compared to the hours !! .. I have tried wiping the cache partition and also performed the factory reset twice but it didn’t help .. overall I am fed up with this phone

Solution: If after performing a factory reset and the font size of the digital clock widget still changes you might want to try changing the system font and see if this solves the issue. Go to Settings -> Device -> Font -> Font style. Try using the different font styles available and see if it has any effect on the font size of your clock widget.

You might also want to check if there are any system updates available for your device. An update contains various performance enhancements and bug fixes which may solve this issue.

If the problem still exists then you might want to consider using a different clock widget which you can download over at the Google Play Store.

Galaxy Note 2 Error 24 In Google Play Store

Problem: Hi, I have been trying to figure out whats going on with this unknown error that shows up when i tried to download an app from google play. I had the -110 earlier but i got it fixed and now this -24 comes up! Do u guys have the same problem? Anyway i can fix it? Thanks for all ur help

Solution: An Error 24 usually occurs when data from a previous app installation is still present in your device. When you try to install a newer version of the app the Google Play Store does not know how to deal with the leftover data which is why the Error 24 occurs.

To fix this you will need to have a file manager as well as root access on your device. Open your file manager app then go to android/data/ then find the folder of the particular app that you are trying to install. Delete this folder. Now go back to the Google Play Store and try to install the app. The error message will now be gone.

In some cases you might not have access to specified path. In this case you will have to do a factory reset on you device to solve the issue. Make sure to backup all your important data first.

  • Turn your phone off.
  • With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key. You’ll see the Android recovery screen.
  • Scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Volume Up or Down keys. Select with the power key.
  • Scroll down to Yes, Delete User Data and select it.
  • Back on the first screen, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and select it.
  • Your factory reset is now complete.
  • Go to Reboot System Now to restart the phone.

Galaxy Note 2 Not Receiving MMS

Problem: As much as I love my note 2, I an ready to run over it with my car. It just randomly stopped receiving or sending MMS with pictures and I thought it was the wifi/data enabled-disabled issue but that didn’t work for me because I hardly ever use wifi. I’m using AT&T, is there any way for me to fix this?

Solution: Try checking on your MMS settings and compare it with the AT&T MMS settings and see if they match. Go to Settings > More settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

AT&T APN Settings

  • Name: ATT
  • APN: wap.cingular
  • Proxy: <Leave in Blank>
  • Port: <Leave in Blank>
  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: cingular1
  • Server: <Leave in Blank>
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 410
  • Authentication type: <Leave in Blank>
  • APN type: default,supl,mms
  • APN Protocol: Leave it to the Default one

Is something is different you can edit it and change it.

Galaxy Note 2 Battery Drain Issue

Problem: I have a huge battery drain problem on my Note 2, a couple of days after the 4.3 update. While being idle during the night it loses 25% to 30% of its battery and while using it I can literally see the percentage drop. I have tried everything that I could find on the net. EVERYTHING! Nothing worked. These included: Factory reset (twice), letting the battery drain completely and then recharging it while the phone was switched off, switching off all sync,disabling bloatware including KNOX components (the actual KNOX app is not installed), installing only a few apps after factory reset, using Gsam, Wakelock detector, Deep sleep battery saver (which could not make my phone sleep), no GPS, no 3G, wifi on only when needed and more besides. The phone is only one year old, unlocked and unrooted. On 4.1.2 it had a beastly battery performance of almost 1.5 days of normal to heavy use, with 300 apps on it. Now it cannot go for more than a few hours with the same use and a fraction of the apps. Gmail, Email, Google+, Google Newstand, Google music, Google Books and more besides are disabled. Help.

Solution: A lot of owners of the Galaxy Note 2 have also experienced battery issues after upgrading to the 4.3 update. While these issues are usually resolved with a factory reset it seems that in your case this didn’t work. Aside from checking if there are new updates for your particular model you can also try using another battery and see if the battery drain issue gets resolved.

Galaxy Note 2 “Unfortunately maps has stopped working”

Problem: I’ve been getting the following error message “unfortunately maps has stopped working”. The error appears to occur indiscriminately. I’ve gone online but cannot seem to find a fix. I’ve un installed the last update and reinstalled the latest. I’ve reset my phone but to no avail. Does anyone have a solution?

Solution: What you want to do is to clear the cache and data of the Google Maps app. To do this go to Settings > Apps > All tab > Maps. Click on Clear Cache then Clear Data. Exit from this and open Google Maps and see if the “unfortunately maps has stopped working” still exists. Clearing the cache and data of the app will most likely resolve this issue.

In the event that the error message still pops up then try booting your device in Safe Mode. What we want to determine if there are any third party apps that causes Google Maps to stop working and the best way to do this is to start the device in Safe Mode.

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 2 by pressing the Power button (positioned in the right edge of the device). Tap Power Off from the choices that will appear followed by OK.
  • Once the device successfully shuts down, press the Power button again, but this time, keep your finger pressed on it together with the Volume Down button.
  • Let go of the Power button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Note II logo but do not let go of the Volume Down key yet.
  • After that, you will see a status message telling you that your Galaxy Note 2 is now in Safe Mode. Let go of the Volume Down key and tap the OK button.

Open Google Maps and if no error message pops up then you may want to start finding and uninstalling the offending third party app.

Galaxy Note 2 Forgot PIN

Problem: help! I was changing from pattern unlock to my regular PIN and I guess I put it in wrong so it’s not taking it on my lockscreen. There is no option to reset it from the lockscreen. Thank you in advance!

Solution: When you enter the wrong unlock pattern too many times the Galaxy Note 2 will lock itself. To gain access to your device simply click on forgot password. You will be asked either to enter your Google username and password or your backup pin details to unlock the device.

Galaxy Note 2 Anti-Virus Question

Problem: I just recently got a Samsung Note 2. On my PC and Laptop, I keep things pretty locked down with security and anti-virus. However, now I’m reading that it is very important to also run an anti-virus app for security, as the Note 2 is more like a tablet with its Android OS than it is a regular phone. I was wondering if this is true and it necessary to run one (just to be safe). Would I regret not having it as a backup and any advice on which kind is best would be appreciate (I’m willing to buy it so it doesn’t have to be free).

Solution: Google is saying that the Android operating system is a secure platform and that devices don’t really need anti-virus software to run. This may be true since in order for a malware to run in your device you must give it permission first. The problem is that most apps are asking for way to much permissions such as accessing your contacts and messages when they really don’t need to. Apps such as these can easily be exploited and injected with a malware without the user knowing. Most of the time when apps are downloaded from third party markets there is a risk of getting your device infected with a virus. Even the Google Play Store sometimes has apps that are infected with a virus but these are immediately detected and removed. Just to be on the safe side you can install any popular anti-virus app available for Android devices. There’s really no best software right now as most of the products available seem to do a good job. Just check them out and see which one suits you better. What you should be looking out for is that the software should not slow down your device and that it should be updated constantly with the latest definitions.

Galaxy Note 2 Negative Color

Problem: Hi, I seem to have changed something in error in the phone and now the entire display throughout the entire phone is in a negative look. By which I mean all the photographs, icons, backgrounds everything is in reverse colours like a negative photograph. Its driving me crazy…I cant remember what it was i pushed or where I was in the phone when i did it but if some wiser person than me has the answer I’d be very gratefull.

Solution: Try going to settings – Accessibility – Negative Colors

Galaxy Note 2 Facebook Photos Showing In Gallery

Problem: I dont think I changed any settings, and under FB the sync pictures is off, but suddenly all my albums from FB are loading into my gallery. When I go to the applications>all>gallery and delete the data, the pics disappear for a bit then they reload. I cant find whats doing it. I dont mind my drop box accounts, but dont want FB. Help

Solution: Make sure that photo syncing is disabled on your Facebook app by going to its settings. Next go to settings > application manager > all > gallery and clear cache then clear data. Restart your device and see if the Facebook photos are still showing.

If they still are then go to settings, accounts and sync, you should be able to see Facebook sync along with  Google and other apps, just remove Facebook  and tell it to only sync contacts.

Galaxy Note 2 Stuck With “1” Notification In Messaging App

Problem: Hi, I only use the stock messaging app. As of today it is apparently stuck at “1” under the notification. i tried to open up all the texts to get ride of it but cant. Also restarted, rebooted and cleared the app data the phone but no luck. any advice?

Solution: First try going to Settings > Apps> All tab > Messaging then click on Clear cache. If the “1” still appears then go to go to application manager – all apps – “badgeprovider” – clear data then restart your device.

2 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Errors and their Solutions [Part 15]”

  1. Hello,i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, x 1 month. Verizon unlocked and rooted. I have never sent or received attachments until I tried to recently, no such luck. text and email is fine. all other aspects of phone are fine. I have original SIM. I have added and formatted 64 gig sd. People are sending me attachments from work unable to open, obviously due to no APN. APN’s screen is completely blank. Menu only allows “reset to default. When I say blank, I mean absolutely nothing other than top bar arrow back, gear icon and abbreviation APNs. I got all the bells and whistles, titanium backup (which shows no APN at all), superuser, root browser, build prop editor….Well what do ya think? Hope you can help. I also have all the T-Mobile data for input when and if APN initiates. Thanks
    model sch1605,
    android version 4.1.1,
    Baseband version 1605VRAMC3.
    Kernel Version 3.0.31-1098177
    [email protected]#1
    SMP Preempt Fri Mar 29 10:58:51KST 2013
    SEBuild numberJR003c.1605VRAL.JB

  2. ok so galaxy note 2 running kitkat … since update wifi button turns on goes right back off …so far im up to 6 factory resets …new sim card… wipe cache…..and several phone calls to verizon and samsung… and still no wifi .. mobile data works .. bluetooth works … everything works but wifi….cant turn on wont dectect anything does nothing … any ideas????

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