Samsung files trademark for Gear S in the U.S.

Samsung - Gear S

Samsung has just filed a trademark for the ‘Gear S’ wearable with the American authorities, giving rise to speculations about yet another smartwatch like offering breaking cover from the Korean manufacturer. It seems like September will prove to be a very auspicious month for the company with the Galaxy Note 4 as well as the Gear VR head mounted wearable expected to break cover. It is likely that a new smartwatch called the Gear S could be shown off at about the same time.

Since this is only a trademark filing, we’re yet to come across hardware details. But going by rumors that have surfaced in the past, it won’t be wrong to assume that this could be the SIM card equipped smartwatch which was believed to be in the making, known as the Gear Solo. Whether a device like this has a market in the U.S. is only for the customers to judge, assuming the rumor is true. Either way, we should be able to access more information on this wearable as we get closer to September’s IFA event.

Source: USPTO

Via: Sam Mobile

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