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OnePlus Tab could be in the making

OnePlus Alpha Website

A new leak has revealed that OnePlus could be working on a tablet which is simply known as the OnePlus Tab. Given the shipping delays its smartphone is facing, it might be a bit farfetched to expect a tablet at this juncture, but the leak says otherwise.

Interestingly, the leak originates from the alpha version of the OnePlus website which has a mention in the products column for something known as the OnePlus Tab. But that’s pretty much all the info we have right now on this device. It is clear however that the tablet will not be shown in the website unless it existed, which is almost convincing us of the leak’s legitimacy. But since nothing has been confirmed so far, we’ll take this with a pinch of salt.

A OnePlus made tablet does have a nice ring to it considering how eager manufacturers are get into the tablet segment. Although the likes of Apple and Google rule the roost at the moment, a low cost offering from OnePlus might prove to be successful if it comes to fruition.

Source: Evleaks

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