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OnePlus claims it doesn’t have a tablet in the pipeline for this year

OnePlus Alpha Website

Yesterday, a leak showed us what looked like an “alpha” version of the OnePlus website with a separate section for the OnePlus Tab. The company has now clarified that this is merely the work of a photoshop artist and that the company has no intentions of launching a tablet this year. This puts an end to what could have been an endless cycle of rumors and speculations, which is a commendable move from the company.

As for what to expect from the company in the future, it seems like OnePlus One will pretty much be the only device coming out of its manufacturing units in 2014. Whether the company plans to change that at a later date is unknown at the moment. It is unheard of for a company to only launch one device in a calendar year, especially given the current market scenario.

So that’s it for the OnePlus Tab, at least for the foreseeable future. Interestingly, this clarification comes from Evleaks which broke the story about the OnePlus Tab yesterday.

Source: Evleaks

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