Nomad Reinvents The USB Charging Cable

Have you ever been in a situation where your Android device ran out of juice and wished you brought along your USB cord? The thing is, USB cords are usually left behind since they are usually get tangled inside bags or pockets. A San Francisco based company called Nomad wants to change this by reinventing the USB cord making it easier to carry and very functional.

Meet the NomadClip, a portable charging cable that’s designed just like a carabiner. You can use it as a keychain and clip in on your bag or pants. When the time comes when your smartphone runs low on power you can use it to charge your device by connecting it to a laptop. You can even use it as a syncing cable to transfer data.

The NomadClip is designed to be functional, portable, light, and tough. It is made of high grade materials, just like any solid carabiner, making it able to withstand extreme environments. It is mostly made of an engineering-grade polymer and high-grade steel. The combination of both materials make this device very tough.

On one end you will have access to a USB 2.0 plug while the other end you can find the micro USB plug. To charge you Android device simply connect the micro USB plug to it while the USB 2.0 plug can be connected to a laptop. This way you won’t need any tangled USB cable or wall charger.


If you are looking for something smaller than a carabiner then you might be interested in getting the NomadKey.  This USB charging solution is shaped just like a key hence it can easily be hooked to your key holder. It is small and lightweight that you can carry it around with your car keys without losing it. In one end of the device is the USB plug which connects to a laptop while the other end comes with a micro USB plug which connects to your smartphone.


Finally, if you are looking for the most portable USB charging solution then how about one that’s the size of a credit card and fits in your wallet? The NomadCard fits easily in your wallet so you will always have a charging cable with you.

If you are interested in getting these products they are available for pre-order right now with the shipping expected to start this November. The NomadClip costs $39, the NomadKey costs $29, while the NomadCard costs $29 as well.

As a special treat for TheDroidGuy readers who want to pre-order, try using the promo code “LIVESIMPLE” which knock off 25% off the original price. This code is valid for this week only.

We will be doing a review of this product as soon as we get our hands on one.

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