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New video reveals water resistant nature of the LG G3

LG G3 Water Resistant

We know that the LG G3 is quite a capable smartphone, but little did we know that it was water resistant as well. A new video published by iTechWorld11 shows the device submerged in a sink and still functioning as usual. Remember that LG has never mentioned this feature during its announcement or in the product listing, so maybe this is merely a fortunate coincidence and not a surprise omission by LG.

Given that the feature isn’t endorsed by the company, we assume water damages will not be covered by warranty. So don’t take your brand new LG G3 for a swim just yet. But the user claimed that the device managed to function perfectly even though there was no rubber coverings for its ports and other openings. He did admit however that there was some amount of water underneath the back cover, but nothing too serious.

As we said, this could just be an isolated incident and we’ll wait for LG to confirm if this is an actual feature on the device. But if you were looking to get the LG G3 in the coming days, this should obviously make your decision a whole lot easier.

Source: Twitter

Via: 9to5Google

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