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New image reveals Samsung’s upcoming virtual reality headset

Gear VR

Samsung has long been expected to launch a virtual reality headset and Sam Mobile appears to have had an early look of the device, courtesy of a leak. A total of two images have leaked revealing the Gear VR branding and a side view of the device itself. And from first glance, it’s clear that the device is not meant for public use as it appears to be quite large.

The nose bridge in particular is unusually big, so we hope this is an early mockup of the device. The top portion of the Gear VR has a touchpad much like Google Glass, which could be used for navigation. And to make the headset more comfortable, there are ear pads as well with some added cushioning. We’re guessing there are going to be earphones embedded in them.

Further reports indicate that the software of this wearable will be developed in accordance with the makers of the Oculus Rift, which is good news for gaming enthusiasts. Another bit of info revealed is the fact that this head mounted wearable will need a smartphone to function, so it will be more of a companion accessory than a standalone unit.

Samsung Gear VR

It is said that the Gear VR will be launched at the IFA 2014 event in Berlin this September alongside the Galaxy Note 4, which makes sense. We expect to learn more about this head mounted wearable in subsequent leaks, but this is all we have for the time being. What do you think of the Gear VR? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Sam Mobile

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