Motorola and Google confirmed to be working on the 5.9 inch Nexus phablet

Nexus 6
An artistic rendering of the upcoming Nexus smartphone

Yesterday, we spoke about Google and Motorola potentially launching a 5.9 inch Nexus smartphone codenamed Shamu. And today, The Information is coming out with word on this rumored handset. According to the source, the smartphone is indeed real and well on its way later this year. It is said that Google was eager to launch the smartphone much earlier, but wasn’t able to since it owned Motorola back then and there would be calls of conflict of interest.

But with Motorola belonging to Lenovo now, no such issues will arise. It seems like a bit of a stretch to expect Google to jump into the phablet segment when the regular 4.7 and 5 inch form factor has worked well so far for the company. So we’re hoping there will be two separate variants of the Nexus smartphone to cater the needs of the regular users and phablet lovers accordingly.

This report from The Information also suggests that the Android Silver program could be postponed indefinitely with the company’s Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora leaving the company recently. We’re not sure whether this means the project is killed off permanently, but it’s clear that the Nexus program is here to stay, and in a big way.

Source: The Information