Moto 360 could cost twice as much as current Android Wear smartwatches

Moto 360

An online listing from a Chinese retailer has some bad news in store for us. According to this listing, the Moto 360 smartwatch could cost almost twice as much as the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live. The pricing mentioned here is 2,800 CNY, which is about $451. This is quite a lot compared to the Gear Live and the G Watch which are priced at $199 and $229 respectively.

Of course, it’s too early to tell if this is legitimate, but it seems likely given what we’ve heard from Motorola in the past. The smartphone is expected to be made using premium materials, which will obviously drive the price upwards. Whether the customers will be willing to shell out such a big amount for the Moto 360 will be interesting to see.

To put things in perspective, the price quoted here is more than the price of a Nexus 5, so paying $450 for a companion accessory seems like a bit of a stretch. We hope there are some last minute changes to the pricing before the Moto 360 officially lands in the market, because we don’t see it flying off the shelves with a price tag like this.

Moto 360 JD - China

Will you be willing to pay $450 for the Moto 360? Let us know.

Source: JD

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  1. I am not surprised. After all, when this watch was introduced practically everybody declared their love for it and pledged to buy it.

    The sleeper watch, IMO, is going to be the LG G Watch because of the interchangeable wrist bands, which will bring uniqueness and style to the wearer and owner. When more people buy it, I expect the Moto360 price to drop down.

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